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macro Q is the new way to buy and sell online... macro Q is an online marketplace that allows anyone to sell practically anything at anytime. Sellers, you can list as many items as you like and for as long as you like for free and when your item does sell macro Q only takes seven percent (7%) of the Final Sale.

There is no re-listing if your item does not sell; just list your item for as long as you like and when it sells macro Q will notify you. Selling on macro Q is very easy; plus you get to list up to 15 photos for free. Sellers, you can also print: USPS, UPS, FEDEX and DHL Shipping Labels directly from macro Q to ship items to your buyers after your item sells.

Buyers, here at macro Q we want all purchases to be safe and the shopping experience to be fun and pleasant so all purchases are made on so that every purchase that you make on macro Q is fully protected!

At macro Q we make a strong emphasis on: customer service, professionalism, and ethics. Please sign up for a macro Q account today it should only take about a minute or so of your time. We'll see you and the rest of the world very soon!

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